Members Early Sale



Life Members and Sponsors Enter at 9am

At our Members Early Sale, Life Members and Sponsors (and one accompanying adult and children) may enter at 9am and can purchase up to 100 items per membership during that first hour, where an item is any thing with a single price: a book, a CD or DVD, an audiobook, a set of volumes with a single price. Each member must give the one Purchase Slip per membership to the cashier before 10am in order to purchase up to 100 items. If a member exits without purchasing all 100 items, he/she may take the Purchase Slip and reenter to fill out the 100 items as long as they are purchased by 10am.

Other Members Enter at 10am

Members at all levels can enter the sale at 10am, and purchase up to 25 items at a time. All members may enter with their families, including one accompanying adult and children.

At 11am, non-members are admitted.

Ticket Handout Procedure

At our usual sale, tickets for early arrivers are given out to everyone starting at 8am for a line that forms later for entry at 11am.

At the Members Early Sale, tickets are given only to members of FOPAL, and are for two lines: one for entry at 9am, one for entry at 10am. Each member will get just one ticket, although members at the $30 and above levels may bring in their families, including one accompanying adult and children.

We do encourage members to bring Membership Cards even if expired, they do help the ticketing move more quickly. New memberships can be purchased and expired memberships can be renewed beginning at 8am.

At the Members Early Sale, there are no tickets for the 11am general entry, because most people who come early are members of FOPAL and so there’s a greatly reduced line for the 11am general entry.

Join FOPAL Now!

If you’re not already a paid-up member, avoid delay at the sale by joining online now.